Here is a sweeping survey of the popular spongeware ceramics produced in Scotland, England, Europe, and North America for one hundred years, illustrated with over 975 color photographs. Often associated with Pennsylvania German folk art, these tablewares, serving pieces, tea sets, children's sets, and vases are decorated in colorful patterns achieved primarily through the simple, yet engaging, sponge-printing technique. Included are a thorough definition of spongeware, identifications of the patterns and potters, their marks, and a bibliography. Current market values are provided in the captions.
Henry Kelly, from Glasgow, Scotland, and Arnold and Dorothy Kowalsky from New York, are all experienced writers and collectors. Henry is the founder of the Scottish Ceramic Society. The Kowalskys are also authors of **Encyclopedia of Marks on American, English and European Earthenware, Ironstone, and Stoneware, 1780-1980.

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