A squeaky toy was possibly the first toy to grab your attention when you were a baby. For centuries parents have cooed, clucked their tongues, or softly whistled to entertain their babies. Rattles of all shapes and materials have had their places as attention-getters, but during the 1940s the rubber, and later, vinyl squeaky toys became the most diverting toy of all. Early rubber squeaky toys were a simple ball with just a hole or a metal whistle disk inside. Later, reed devices were developed to generate different sounds. After the 1940s, soft, pliant vinyl plastic replaced rubber.Today, people can avidly search for the hundreds of colorful rubber or vinyl squeaky toys that were produced by many companies large and small. These simple and diverting toys are now getting the attention of collectors around the country. Squeaky Toys is richly illustrated with over 300 color photographs and is complete with a current price guide.
L.H. MacKenzie's love of antiques began in adolescence while attending an auction with his mother. His love of toys has developed in recent years due to the lack of toys as a small child. MacKenzies Ice Cream Parlors, operated in the '60s and '70s, reflected his family's interest in antiques in its art and furnishings, collected by MacKenzie and his wife. Over the years his interest in antiques has developed from operating a small antique shop to collecting such things as art, Hampshire Pottery, and Chevy trucks from the late 1950s.

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