This biography examines, in great detail, the life of Theodor Wisch, Waffen-SS General and Swords to the Knight's Cross holder. A member of the "Leibstandarte" from its 1933 creation to the end of World War II, he led some of its most famous combat elements and rose to command the division as successor to Josef "Sepp" Dietrich. Rising through the ranks with the formation, he became a full General in 1944. Among the most decorated officers of the Waffen-SS, accounts of the combats resulting in Wisch's awards are included as well as details of the significant men he served with. Previously unknown personal insights are provided by former soldiers, family members, and historians, detailing all aspects of Wisch's life. More than eighty illustrations, most previously unpublished and include many of Wisch's surviving award documents, add a visual account to this significant officer's military career and life.

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