Illustrated with more than 300 photos, this guide covers everything you need to know to begin working with glass. Learn the materials and tools needed, types of glass, and successful techniques, focusing on the copper foil method. While emphasizing the beauty and creativity that? easy to enjoy about this craft, the book offers detailed step-by-step photo instructions for tracing, cutting, grinding, foiling, assembly, soldering, patina use, and more. The 33 projects, each rated in difficulty level, cover a wide range of styles and techniques. All of them beautifully showcase the gorgeous array of art glass available today, and they serve as useful additions to your everyday life or as exceptional gifts: a mobile, candy dish, cutlery holder, mirror frames, lamps, jewelry, and even clocks.
Jacqui Holmes has a law degree and comes from a corporate environment, but she has always been passionate about glass art. She learned to work with stained glass from Gail Brown. When Gail Brown began stained glass work it quickly became her preferred medium, and she taught many others at the Classy Glass Art studio with Holmes. Brown has passed away since the publication of this book, and Holmes now operates the studio on her own. See more of her work at

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