The world's foremost authority on the history of thimbles tells all, outlining the little tool's long history, from ancient Egypt to today. The thimbles' history is interwoven with that of women, giving glimpses of a private, domestic world that history books often overlook. Meet the poor little Victorian seamstresses with their everyday brass thimbles and the tiny children's thimbles worn by early straw workers. Glance at gold and gem-set thimbles worn by the courtesans of Paris and, on the other hand, learn why the thimble was the perfect romantic gift a proper gentleman could give to a lady.Romance aside, this book supplies practical tips on cataloging, maintenance, and display, along with price guides and a list of thimble collectors' organizations throughout the world. More than two thousand thimbles are illustrated in full color, some of which have never been seen before.
Bridget McConnel's fascination for sewing tools and accessories of all types led her, with her mother, to start the Thimble Society in 1981 and to open a shop in Grays Antique Market in London, England. She wrote The Collectors Guide to Thimbles, published in London, 1990.

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