There are strange monsters in Indiana. Some are grudgingly called "hypothetical" species by the state's Department of Natural Resources; others are merely exotic, overlooked, or "hidden" animals, that people think are extinct or just not possible in the Hoosier State. Read about:? Exotic reptiles and fish overlooked on official rosters, ? "Extinct" cougars that refuse to disappear, ? Alien big cats (including lions and black panthers), ? Lake and swamp monsters, ? Freshwater cephalopods, ? Phantom kangaroos and "Devil Monkeys," ? Bigfoot, mer people, lizard men, giant birds, and ? A 40-foot dragon. Explore the Indiana monsters that date from the early nineteenth century to modern times. Indiana's creatures will fascinate you as much as the intrepid hunters who stalk them.
Michael Newton, awarded the American Library Association's 2006 Outstanding Reference Sources award, has written 190 books since 1977. He writes a quarterly column on cryptozoology for Mysteries magazine.

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