Lord K2 (David Sharabani) is a London-born photographer and stencil graffiti artist. His works have been featured in galleries in New York, London, and Tel Aviv. He is currently working on a number of projects. For updates: www.lordk2.com.
With informative quotes from the artists and excellent contextual photos, Lord K2's Street Art Santiago exhaustively documents the Chilean scene neighborhood by neighborhood from paint illegally tossed against a wall to enormous, skillfully executed murals.Martha Cooper A great insight into the vibrant and extensive Santiago de Chile graffiti and mural scene.Pablo Aravena With his keen eye, acute intellect, and boundless passion, Lord K2 takes us on a remarkable foray into Chile rich street art scene. In addition to showcasing an extraordinary array of urban interventions, Street Art Santiago features interviews that provide insights into the minds of the artists, as well as into the distinct history of Chilean graffiti and the society that fosters it.Lois StavskyœIn recent years, Chilean graffiti has come into the global spotlight, with many artists and enthusiasts journeying to cities such as Valparaiso and Santiago to discover what makes this particular corner of the street art world so visually exciting. Lord K2 new book, Street Art Santiago, is a wonderful piece of documentary journalism, which explores the city's rich mural art history through its strong political tradition of Latin-American Muralism to the vibrant street art movement in action today. This documentation is made particularly rewarding by the interviews given by the artists who share their lives, ideas, and working methods in an intimate social and cultural record. Through the artists' voices, the book becomes an enlightening and often exhilarating journey that delivers an honest and powerful understanding of the processes and culture of street art. Above all, the images from the barrios speak for themselves. Santiago is a city in flux. Ancient facades meet new developments and abandoned buildings shelter layer upon layer of murals, reflecting the life of the city in a unique way, and making it an irresistible visual feast and an essential street art destination.Tristan Manco With outstanding photography and unfiltered interviews, Lord K2 documents the vibrant and colorful street art and graffiti scene in one of the world's most richly evolved urban art Meccas. ZEWOK 1

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