Experience the thrill and adventure of riding the surf through this wonderful compilation of graphics and collectibles from around the globe, including California, Hawaii, Australia, Britain, and Europe. Surf legend Rod Sumpter shares his memories of the unique culture that evolved in the mid-twentieth century -- one characterized by surf, sport, beach beat, and Friday night surf stomps echoing the joy of riding big, small, and hollow waves. Surf movies were in their heyday and colorful posters, now highly collectible, announced the date and time of local showings. Enjoy this fantastic assortment of movie posters and handbills, striking magazine covers, decals, patches, vintage photographs, advertising, trophies, surf-theme record albums, and much more. Current values are included in the captions. Surfing enthusiasts everywhere will crave this nostalgic and visually exciting look at one of the world's most exhilarating sports.
Rod Sumpter has won over 75 surfing trophies during an active career. He is an accomplished moviemaker and former staff photographer for Surfer magazine who resides in England.

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