Visit the lush, sugar-coated township of Pollilop Drop and follow the journey of one lil' rotter kid, Pukeboy, who struggles to overcome his fear of playing guitar in front of an audience. He seeks advice from other rot-pack kids. Creatively frustrated, Pukeboy goes beyond the boundaries of Pollilop Drop and he finds an unexpected new friend. 46 vibrant illustrations pull the reader into the pop art world of Pollilop Drop and keep the pages turning. Throughout this sugar-rush-of-a-quest-tale, readers encounter a range of unusual characters as Pukeboy struggles toward his goal, performing on the stage of the Sweet Rot, former candy shop and now performance space where everybody meets. This book is a sweet treat for graphic novel and underground art enthusiasts, and for anyone interested in popular culture and the illustrator's art. Young adult?ges 13-18.
Joe Simko is a modern illustrator/cartoonist who designs custom creations for countless clients. He and his wife currently live in New York City.

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