Join little rot-rocker Pukeboy and graffiti artist Gumshoe as they search for Gumshoe's missing paintings in this second book from The Sweet Rot series. This lost art quest leads our two heroes through the vividly lush town of Pollilop Drop encountering a fresh new batch of little rotters. Raiders of the Lost Art is author/illustrator Joe Simko's second book in the series. Known for his rock 'n roll poster art and illustrations on the successful Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages trading card series, Simko brings his own sugary-coated pop-art world to life through the pages of these engaging Sweet Rot books. Young adult?ges 13-18.
Joe Simko is an artist whose work is a meld of Saturday morning cartoons, indie comic books, and underground horror movies. He and his wife currently live in New York City.

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