As you read and use this book, you will come to agree that ?ape is the new paint.?Stunning photos demonstrate step by step how to create eleven different tape art projects on wood, aluminum Dibond, fabric, stone, asphalt, and glass. Learn how lines are tapered, curves executed, and how stripes and motifs are cut out, in 2-D, 3-D, and in negative space. Beginning and advanced tape artists will also find suggestions for more projects to try on their own?rom portraits, landscapes, and abstract pictures to furniture decoration, clothes, and human bodies?s well as various tape types, including fabric tape, PVC tape, and packaging tape. An overview of the history and development of this relatively new art form is also included. The book concludes with an extensive gallery of works created since 2011, which have been shown in exhibitions and at art festivals and corporate events. Cover Image: Courtesy Of Thomas Tiltmann
The Klebeband tape art collective formed in Berlin in 2010 and consistsof three members: Bruno "BeezeBoe" Kolberg, Bodo H?ing and Nikolaj "NkoBu" Bultmann.

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