Easy-to-read, this manual provides methods to gathering useful information from your Tarot cards. Basic card meanings and principles of the Tarot are given and are followed by effective ways to use the cards. Gain reading tips and practical advice for beginning and intermediate-level practitioners. Learn suggested techniques for designing and expanding your queries. Create queries about relationships, money and work issues, health concerns, decision-making, and matters of choice?he big questions of life as well as the mundane. Readers are encouraged to blend intention, intuition, and a sense of adventure with visual images and card meanings to gain maximum benefit from this ancient system of wisdom. Take out your cards and be prepared to ask the right question and get the right answer!
Jeanne Fiorini has been a professional Tarot reader and teacher since 1991. She is the author of Invitation to Wonder, contributes articles to regional print publications, and is a regular columnist for the American Tarot Association. Jeanne lives in Portland, Maine.

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