Travel with Bob Baxter, editor of the tattoo magazine, Skin & Ink, on his two-week solo journey through the small towns and big cites of America's Pacific Northwest. From the Oregon-California line, northward through Washington State and over the border to Vancouver, B.C., every day is a new adventure, as Bob meets the exotic women and lusty men who proclaim their individuality in tattoos and the artists who create them. Meet the living legends of the art:Terry Tweed and Dave Shore, Pete Stevens and Don Deaton, John the Dutchman and Vyvyn Lazonga. Talk with the World's Most-Tattooed Woman, Krystyne Kolorful. Check out the new wave of ink sinkers, including Anchor Tattoo, Electro-Ladylux, Tiger Lily, and Lucky Dog. And say a graveside good-bye to Bert Grimm, the man who tattooed Bonnie and Clyde.Armed with only his camera, a laptop computer, and a box of chocolate chip energy bars, Bob Baxter sets out to discover the tattoo pulse of the Pacific Northwest. Meet many of the great artists in the mysterious shops and secret backrooms of this, the most exciting art movement since the Renaissance!
Bob Baxter is editor in chief of Skin & Ink Magazine, coming there from a music and publishing background. He resides in southern California.

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