Since the late 1400s, tea drinkers in the Orient and the West have been passionate about teapots in ever growing numbers. Over 445 beautiful color images display a wide range of international teapots, from antique to contemporary. Porcelain, stoneware, silver, copper, brass, iron, pewter, tin, wood, and glass are shown from around the world. Children's tea sets, miniatures, musical, figural, whimsical, seasonal, advertising, commemorative, and souvenir teapots are all included.A brief history of tea is provided along with values. Join the collectors who look for teapots in exotic places and enjoy their use with every cup consumed.
Dr. Unjeria C. Jackson is an avid tea drinker who developed a passion for collecting teapots. She has collector over 900 teapots, which she shares in this book. She is an obstetrician in New Jersey.

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