Using hundreds of strips of paper at a time, strips that are cut 3 millimeters wide with a pasta cutter from watercolor paper painted with acrylics, McGuinness weaves in original ways that build unique and intriguing forms. Her creations, whether baskets or sculptural art, exude energy and elegance. Here she shares for the first time, in fascinating photos and practical text, how to weave several basket shapes in diagonal twill, including instructions in undulating twill. Explore new structural forms: weaving multiple woven units together, asymmetrical corners, and multiple-stepped corners in tandem that add structure to the work. McGuinness demonstrates how to create several rim treatment finishes for the baskets. Next, learn some different ways to incorporate a sculptural element into your work. You?l also explore how various color patterns in the base will weave up on the sides of the basket. Throughout, she encourages you to search your own interests for ideas to incorporate.
Dorothy McGuinness has been weaving sculptural baskets using diagonal twill techniques for over 20 years. She utilizes watercolor paper and acrylic paints as her medium of choice. She has gathered extensive basketry knowledge from over 30 years of learning and exploring the various weaving methods that have been handed down through the ages. Dorothy has participated in numerous local, national and international shows and has won various national and international awards. What most attracts Dorothy to using paper and paint for weaving is the ability to play with color and pattern. She enjoys exploring the interplay of weaving, color and design in new sculptural pieces and continues to experiment. Dorothy was born in 1961 in Western Washington and currently resides in Everett, Washington.

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