Martin Popoff is the author of over 50 rock books and is a 20-year veteran writer for the likes of Goldmine, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Guitar World, CMJ, and Additionally, he has served as consultant and researcher for Banger Films on feature films as well as the TV series Metal Evolution and Rock Icons and speaks at conferences on metal history.  Bryan Reesman is the author of Bon Jovi: The Story and has contributed to nine other books including Wes Craven Interviews and Rock Stars At Home. He is the host of the podcast Side Jams where he interviews rock stars about their hobbies and outside passions. He is also a longtime voting member of the Recording Academy and contributes to Billboard, Grammy, The A.V. Club, and NBC News THINK.

Malcolm Dome started writing about music, and metal in particular, for Record Mirror in 1979. He was part of the Kerrang! team in the 1980s, cofounded RAW magazine in 1988, and now writes for the UK magazines Metal Hammer, Prog, and Classic Rock, among others. Dome has also authored a number of books, including Encyclopedia Metallica (from which a certain band got its name), an official book on Bon Jovi, and histories of Van Halen, Aerosmith, and AC/DC. He has presented radio shows for Total Rock and has appeared in a number of documentaries.

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