John Matthews has produced a number of successful divinatory systems based on early spiritual beliefs, including?The Arthurian Tarot?(with Caitl?n Matthews and Miranda Gray), the best-selling?Wildwood Tarot?(with Mark Ryan and Will Worthington), the?Grail Tarot?(with Giovanni Caselli),?and the more recent?Lost Tarot of Nostradamus?and?Steampunk Tarot?(both with Caitl?n Matthews and Wil Kinghan). He is widely known as the author of numerous books on the Grail and Arthurian legends and volumes of Celtic literature, myth, and belief. His book?Pirates?was a number one?New York Times?best-seller for twenty-two weeks in 2007. He has acted as an advisor on several motion pictures, including Jerry Bruckheimer???King Arthur, and is currently engaged in a number of movie projects of his own. Visit Cilla Conway is a professional Tarot counselor, writer, and artist with a particular interest in archetypes and mythology. Shortly after moving to London in 1971 she began designing the Tarot deck now published as?The Intuitive Tarot. Since then, she has painted an oracle deck entitled the?Devas of Creation?and obtained an honours degree in Fine Art and an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing.

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