Eighty brave men made a near-suicidal first attack on Japan about four months after Pearl Harbor. President Franklin Roosevelt wanted a quick response to the Japanese ambush on Hawaii to demonstrate to the Japanese that they were not invulnerable to attack, and to give a much-needed boost to American morale. Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle was selected to plan and lead the Raid from the USS Hornet. Much has been written about the daring raid and the frightening escape through China, but little has been written about these brave men? lives before and after the Raid. This collection of biographical sketches tells us much about who these men were. Much of the biographical material was obtained from a private collection of Raider information and memorabilia that Ellen Lawson collected over a fifty-year period. Ellen was the widow of Maj. Ted Lawson? Raider and author of Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo.
George Nolta has an MBA from UC Berkeley and is an Air Force veteran. He retired from a career of managing the development of new computer systems for Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation. He lives in Citrus Heights, California, with his wife of 62 years--Carol Beebe. After retirement, George developed the hobby of writing articles for the Colusi County Historical Society. He wrote an article about Ellen Lawson--the widow of Maj. Ted Lawson, one of the Doolittle Raiders and author of?Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Ellen liked the article and asked George to write a book about the lives of the Raiders based on her private collection of Raider information and memorabilia.

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