FASTR: Feel, Acknowledge, Start, Thank, Release. What if you could overcome society? deep-rooted cultural negative programming? Imagine the life you would be able to manifest! The FASTR Process is designed to help you master the art of guiding and elevating your emotions. By harnessing 29 powers, you can overcome any obstacle and improve your self-confidence. Use balance and intention to attract your desires and find your "True Purpose" in life. Get ready . . . life? about to go a lot FASTR!
Liz Barallon is a life coach, energy healer, and mum to three girls from sunny Queensland, Australia. Having run a successful business in network marketing, Liz found a love for helping her team members realize their own goals and dreams through teaching them to face their fears and understand their own self-worth. She decided to pursue this passion further and went on to study life coaching, energy healing, and vibrational medicine. Through combining these modalities in her business, Start Your Life Abundance, she was able to incorporate a holistic way to help her clients focus on the energetic output of their emotions in order to help them manifest their desired reality. For more information about Liz, her teachings, and the products she recommends, please visit her website:

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