Jaume Copons is a writer. Besides having written a lot of novels, songs, and scripts, he is the coauthor of the I, Elvis Riboldi series, and a creator of TV series for children. He likes to wander aimlessly, look at shoe store windows, listen to the same song over and over, and read several books at the same time. Jaume lives in Barcelona (Catalonia) Spain. Follow him on Instagram at @jaume.copons or visit his website at jaumecopons.com.

Liliana Fortuny draws and animates pictures. She is the coauthor of This Book Is My Grandfather's and This Book Is My Grandmother's. Half her life is spent among animated films, album cover designs, and music videos. The other half is always inventing new worlds, going out onto the balcony of her home, eating artichokes and Japanese food, and watching movies. Liliana lives in Barcelona (Catalonia) Spain. Follow her on Instagram at @lilianafortuny or visit her website at lilianafortuny.com.

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