Add some visual zing to your new beekeeping hobby with the very first graphic guide! These fully illustrated pages, perfect for visual learners, offer you complete, easy-to-understand whys and how-tos on every aspect of beekeeping, plus an entertaining approach. Hundreds of detailed line drawings teach all you need to succeed with beekeeping, whether your goal is honey, beeswax, a backyard adventure, plant pollination, or all of the above. Detailed drawings let you peer closely at the bees?world, in terms of seeing their anatomy, close-ups of their food sources, and the microscopic world in the hive. Covers choosing location, equipment, the best hive types, bee types, and other options; the beekeeping year and its tasks; keeping a healthy hive (or dozens); what to do when something goes wrong; how to harvest and process your honey, pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly; and more.
Yves Gustin has enjoyed more than two decades of beekeeping and has learned from bees by watching them carefully. Here he shares his expertise visually with beginners and experienced beekeepers interested in learning some new ways of looking at this fascinating hobby.

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