Being a wolf is an extremely tough job. It demands the same hard training as a top athlete, and every attack must be carefully planned in advance. If not, there's a serious risk of ending up with an injury. In these pages, we'd love you to enjoy a few tales where the wolf is the main character on some plots where things don't turn out exactly as he plans . . . as sometimes he is too hungry to think carefully what needs to be done. Personalize this book by completing the drawings as you wish, using the suggested activities and turning each page into a unique piece! The Creative Tales collection has been conceived for children to actively participate on the book's elaboration, either painting, cutting, pasting, or being part of the actual story. Augmented reality brings the story to life with images that jump right off the page.
Ester Llorens Artiola is an illustrator and fashion printing designer who studied Fine Arts. Her drawings have been published in children and school magazines. Jordi Palet has a degree in Fine Arts and Performing Arts. He works as a teacher at the Barcelona Theater Institute.

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