Join A.J., the M?ter Museum? junior guide, on a tour of the world? best-known medical museum. A.J. will take you on a fun and educational adventure through the M?ter? amazing collection of unique medical specimens and objects. Accompanied by playful illustrations, this look at medical marvels and mysteries will enthrall and inform science lovers of all ages. A.J. has all of your questions covered; from the height of the Giant to the length of the Megacolon. Learn all about how the human body works (or doesn?!), and keep your eyes peeled for some of the museum? most famous see-through residents!
Anna N. Dhody is the curator of the M?ter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and the director of the M?ter Research Institute, the Gretchen Worden Chair. This is her first children? book. Ted Enik has worked for most of the major publishing houses in New York, as well as for the occasional advertising agency, greeting-card house, and pharmaceutical company. He was the illustrator for?Eloise in Hollywood?and for nearly a decade was an artist for the popular Fancy Nancy "I Can Read? series. He now wears two hats and is also writing (and rhyming) up a storm.?Fresh out of college R. A. Herrera began as an illustrator, then slipped behind the scenes and became a publishing administrator and artist agent. For twenty-five years he worked anonymously contributing original artwork and assisting fellow illustrators to deliver print-perfect children? books to clients. In 2011 he founded Pixel Mouse House[SubTitle]A Junior Guide's Tour of America's Coolest Medical Museum now co-publishing a picture book line with Schiffer Books. This is his first-ever book cover credit.[CoAuthor]Ilustrated by Ted Enik and R.A. Herrera[/CoAuthor][NumIllustration]27+ color images[/NumIllustration]"

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