The charming trend of "putting a word on it" continues to grow in popularity, and this step-by-step approach explores more than 48 techniques for enhancing your art. Create captivating work using simple methods with just a few paint colors. Talented mixed media artist and professional calligrapher Caitlin Dundon offers expert tips to make your learning easier, including quick fixes for correcting typos. Learn ways to work with your own choice of inspirational words and quotations using collage, rubber stamping, embossing, typewritten fonts, calligraphy, gel plate printing, and others.
Caitlin Dundon is a mixed media artist, professional calligrapher and instructor with over 20 years of experience. Known for her signature style of calligraphy combined with her colorful paintings, she creates custom pieces for individuals and corporate commissions. She? been published in Somerset Studio magazine and featured in the international calligraphy publication?Letter Arts. Dundon has taught at mixed media and calligraphy conferences throughout the United States and Canada including Art and Soul, Art Unraveled, Art is You, Letters of Joy, Ghost Ranch, Mendocino Art Center and the University of Washington. Her art has also been licensed for printing and manufacturing and has been sold at Target, Walmart and Kohl?. Dundon lives in Seattle.

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