Join Antonio the clown and Fanny the elephant as they travel around with their Four Seasons circus and rolling garden. As the year goes by, Antonio meets his four friends Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter and offers them gifts from his rolling garden.?Part of the First Steps in Art series, this magical tale about friendship and giving introduces toddlers to the seasons through the famous works of?Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Discover this unique style at the?Louvre Museum and delight in how?each head is made from flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, roots, or branches. Each new year brings new adventure.
Laurence Gillot has a great taste for jokes and confetti and eats too much chocolate. She never read when she was a child and started reading a lot only at 22 years old. Her case reassures many worried mothers and teachers. With her laptop, she writes anywhere according to her mood and especially the outside temperature (the author is particularly chilly). She wishes to transmit through all her books one and the same message, the one that life?espite adversity, bad news, and trouble?s fabulous, and with a little humor, generosity, and sincerity, we come out enriched. Lucile Placin, after obtaining her degree in 2001, dreamed of being a theater set designer but discovered the world of children? illustration. Lucile? style combines mixed media, and her illustrations are extremely sensitive, always on edge. By her own admission, the absurd, humor, dreams, and poetry are her favorite subjects. She has published about 30 books for different publishers and has received many honors.

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