Welcome to a dive into the heart of the sea! Page after page, this book folds out to reveal the secrets of the amazing animals and plant life that inhabit the oceans, from the seaside to the abyss. Discover how long a sperm whale can go without breathing, how a lanternfish feeds, how boiling water gives birth to small worlds on the ocean floor, and how the very small krill plays a very big part in it all. Have fun along the way finding the animals hidden in the pages, and at the end of the journey discover a giant poster! More than 2 feet wide!
V?/span>ronique Sarano is an oceanographer and author of many books. She cofounded the Longitude 181 association, which works to protect the marine world. Anine B?enberg was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1988. A graduate of the College of Art in Edinburgh, she now lives and works there. She pays particular attention to shape, color and geometry when drawing.

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