Yasmeen Westwood always wished to be an artist but could not paint or draw. Then she came across Photoshop. Her passion for playing with images led to the creation of?The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams. Yasmeen is a professional photographer who sees magic in both the people and landscapes she photographs. It is this magic that she has tried to depict in this Tarot deck. She holds a BSc (Hons) degree in biochemistry and MSc in immunopharmacology??oth achieved in the UK. In a previous life, she worked in the oil and gas industry, training in health and safety and quality management. She is also trained in NLP, hypnotherapy, and life coaching, as well as being a Reiki master. She has combined all her experiences into this deck. But this is just the start, since she is planning to create many more decks! Yasmeen lives in West Sussex with her husband, David, and their toddler, Arran.

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