During World War II, flying B-24 Liberator bombers on missions deep into Burma, B-25 Mitchell bombers attacking Japanese lines of communications, and P-40 Warhawks, P-47 Thunderbolts, and P-51 Mustangs flying close support for General Joseph Stilwell? Chinese and American forces in northern Burma, the Tenth Air Force worked closely with the squadrons of the Royal Air Force to push the Japanese out of Burma. The first comprehensive history of the Tenth Air Force and the Army Air Forces, India-Burma sector, this book covers these operations in the context of Allied strategic objectives for prosecuting the war in China and Southeast Asia.
Edward Young received a BA in political science from Harvard University and an MA in political science from the University of Washington. In between college and graduate school he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. In 2015, he completed an MA in the history of warfare at King? College, London. He is currently studying for a PhD in history at King? College. Young spent eight years as a banker with assignments in New York and Hong Kong before joining Moody? Investors Service. During a twenty-year career at Moody? he worked in New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong before taking early retirement in 2004. Young is the author of?Aerial Nationalism: A History of Aviation in Thailand?(Smithsonian Press, 1995),?Air Commando Fighters of World War II?(Specialty Press, 2000), and coauthor of?Curtiss-Wright: Greatness and Decline?(Twayne Publishers, 1998). He has written a number of volumes on aviation and military history for Osprey Publishing in the United Kingdom, including several titles relating to the air and ground war in Burma. He has written two books for Schiffer Publishing:?A Postcard History of Japanese Aviation?(2012) and?Death from Above: The 7th Bombardment Group in World War II?(2014).

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