How do forests grow? Follow the journey of one tiny acorn from seed to tree and celebrate how the power of one can touch so many. As the seasons pass and the weather changes, the tiny acorn steadily supports a thriving ecosystem and eventually grows into a giant oak tree?ne day destined to become a magnificent forest. Accompanied by nonfiction information on various oak varieties and how to grow your own oak tree, young readers will delight in learning how one small thing can create something so significant.
Barbara Ciletti fell in love with books at the age of three and dedicated her life to teaching children their importance. She has more than three decades of publishing experience and is the author of more than 20 books for adults and children. Barbara lives in Colorado, where she regularly provides workshops about publishing, bookmaking, and storywriting for school children. Cathy Morrison is a children? book illustrator passionate about nature, science, and the environment. Combining her degrees in fine arts and education along with her background in animation and graphic design, she now researches and illustrates "creative nonfiction" picture books.

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