It is said that fairy tales always end in "happily ever after." But, of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes things don't work out for princes, and some princesses say "no." Get ready to participate in stories in which nothing is as it seems to be. Or, almost nothing, anyway. The book is designed so that you can finish the illustrations as and when you want, turning every page into your own unique work of art. Would you like to write some verses so that the handsome prince makes his princess fall in love with him? With this book, you can do it! In every double page you'll find a tiny hand suggesting an activity; however, the book wants to go a step further and become an invitation to endless fun. Augmented reality brings the story to life with images that jump right off the page.
Ester Llorens Artiola is an illustrator and fashion printing designer who studied Fine Arts. Her drawings have been published in children and school magazines. Jordi Palet has a degree in Fine Arts and Performing Arts. He works as a teacher at the Barcelona Theater Institute.

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