Fasten your seat belt, because life can be a bumpy ride, and the quest of every seeker is to journey through the center of every inner storm to the heart of Divinity. This 33-card deck is designed as an invitation to reconnect with your higher power?he divine source of your soul. These cards are a tender and caring means of bringing you beautiful, soulful images and uplifting messages of comfort. Whenever you encounter inevitable trials and tribulations on the road of life, these cards will bring you peace and encouragement. They will remind you of the compassionate hand of the divine as you take hold of it through your intention and prayer. May you remember your inner light in times of outer darkness through the feelings each image evokes. They wish to help you to experience the miracles that will always unfold when you keep the faith?espite all the odds.
Shana Lee Gibson is a spiritual mentor, inspirational figure, and writer devoted to helping you live your God-given purpose by bringing attention to the still, small voice within you, through Divine Spiritual Inquiry and Guided Meditation. Learn more on her website Gina Szafner blends photography and digital art to create works that visually reshape reality. Connect with Gina through her website:

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