This swatch book is an inspiring visual tour of elegant fabric design using beautiful historic kimono remnants from Japan's Showa Period (1926-1989). More than 400 photographs and detailed captions provide information on motif identification, Japanese history and cultural traditions. The book is organized around favorite Japanese motifs, including cherry blossoms, peonies, maple leaves, bamboo shoots, waves, and clouds. It will be a source of ideas and inspiration for collectors, designers, quilters, and historians. A glossary of related terms, antique fabric resources, and a substantial bibliography point the way to further reading and study.
Anita Yasuda is the author of Japanese Children's Fabrics, Japanese Anime Linens 1970s to Present, and Hello Kitty: Forever Cute Creative & Collectible. She has a degree in East Asian and South Asian studies, specializing in Japanese Art History and is an avid traveler and collector of fine fabric from around the world.

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