Over 300 beautiful print shirts, dresses, and bathing suits-acquired on vacation in the tropics-brought home to preserve the memory, cherished, and shown here to recall and enjoy. Lovely florals, maps, famous scenes, something of the lush vacation lifestyle. The book is organized by tropical locations: the South Pacific, Hawaii, California, Florida, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, the West Indies...and the designs are inspired by the heat, light, and relaxation of these popular destinations. Today's graphic designers will find this a source of great ideas; collectors will want them all. Shown also are 163 different clothing labels to help identify the retail and design origins.
Nancy Schiffer has collected Hawaiian and tropical shirts for many years. Interested in objects which represent different cultural expressions, she has studied and written numerous books about textiles, jewelry, porcelain, toys, and antiques.

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