Try is a fun, uplifting, feel-good read with captivating illustrations and a positive message about trying new things. From tying a tie to climbing the highest mountain, kids are encouraged to try their best, no matter how big or small their dreams may be. Playful suggestions teach children to believe in themselves and help encourage curiosity without fear of failure. At the end of the book are special pages for readers to brainstorm and draw things they? like to try, as well as what they?e proud of having already done. It also includes simple, step-by-step directions for some activities named in the book, such as baking a pie and catching fireflies. Try builds children? confidence, feeds their curiosity, and expands what they imagine they can do.
Joseph S. DiMare grew up in central New Jersey, where he spent his days digging in dirt, living out adventures in his backyard, and ending each day around the table with his family. His parents encouraged him to live out his dreams and never limit himself. At an early age Joe found it easier to express himself through writing and has been creating short stories and poems ever since. Today, Joe continues living out his dreams and passes on that same spirit for life to his own four sons. This is his first published children? book. John Wilson grew up in East Sussex in the southeast of England with his parents and three brothers. He developed a passion for drawing and creating comic strips from an early age and has been involved in several illustration projects. John moved to New Jersey in 2012, and this is his first published children? book.

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