Written for every wood turner, this complete guide uses clear language and more than 125 detailed photos to cover every step required to turn beautiful bangles. Bangles are easy to make with common shop tools and a small lathe, if you have the right techniques. This book, starting with the basic design steps for bangles and how to build fixtures for your lathe that are designed to accurately cut segments, takes you all the way through the finishing steps. A bonus chapter describes methods for using special techniques to make your bangles unique. Because of their small size, bangles requires less additional woodworking equipment, and they lend themselves to shortcuts that are not possible with larger segmented projects. With the shortcuts detailed in this book, you can turn unique and complicated-looking bangles in a very short time.
Don Jovag has a BA and MA in industrial education and was a woodworking teacher in public schools in the state of Washington for thirty years. He has been making segmented bowls and bangles for more than four decades and is also the author of Segmented Bowls for the Beginning Turner. Throughout his teaching career, Jovag has honed the skill of simplifying processes to fit the experience level of the turner. He is most proud of the simplified techniques he has developed for making segmented turnings, as well as his additional shortcuts for turning bangles.

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