Along with learning to count from 1 to 10, in these charming pages children and theiradults can explore the many ways people decorate their bodies. With its fun pictures and words, the book is a simple way to start talking about accepting differences, from piercings to tattoos. The illustrations are inspired by traditional tattoo designs as well as not-so-traditional body modification styles. Also included is a full-color wall poster that offers a color-it-yourself version on the back. Introducing kids to a culture that? rarely displayed in other materials, this is a perfect resource for early childhood educators, parents, and all adults who value diversity.
Jacob A. Boehne is an early childhood educator currently teaching preschool.?As an artist, he works with a bit of everything, from crayons and markers to paints and pastels. He has been intrigued by tattoos and body modification from an early age; as a child he used to flip through National Geographic admiring the people who were adorned with all sorts of images and jewelry. Boehne lives in Cincinnati with his wife and two children.

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