See the state of Missouri as you never have before ?as a hotbed of UFO activity and paranormal phenomena. From time slips and vortices to extraterrestrials and inter-dimensional beings, the Show Me State appears to be a haven for all things supernatural. Hear about residents who have been "implanted" or experienced missing time. Learn what to say to an extraterrestrial and how to call down a UFO. Visit the many sites of UFO sightings, including Excelsior Springs, Harrisonville, Marshfield, and Northview. Travel to Missouri's own Bermuda Triangle ?Joplin, Springfield, and Branson. New perspectives on UFOs, mysterious phenomena, intriguing tales, and scary UFO revelations are just waiting to be explored, as the extraterrestrials beckon. Will you answer their call?
Lee Prosser, a lifelong Vedantist, is a Paranormal Sensitive who investigates the paranormal. He has been writing for publication since 1963, and lives in the Missouri Ozarks with his wife, Debra.

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