Roderick Kiracofe has shared his passion for beauty, art, and quilts with audiences around the world for more than four decades. In 1993, the New York Times proclaimed his now-classic book The American Quilt: A History of Cloth and Comfort 1750–1950 “ingenious.” He has lent his curatorial experience to institutions such as the Smithsonian American Art Museum, corporations such as Levi Strauss & Co. and Bank of America, as well as private collectors. His early advocacy for the development of a local artist community helped spark the nonprofit arts phenomenon Oakland Art Murmur, and Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar (1950–2000), now in its second edition, was met with critical and commercial success when it was released in 2014. Roderick lives in Northern California with his husband, Jack. Visit him online at

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