What if you could recognize patterns in your life and then use that knowledge to get ahead, manage your well being, and prepare for both good and bad times? What if the blueprint of your existence was within your grasp via an extensively researched mathematical calculation that was easy to understand and apply to your specific life? Wait no longer. Now you can do just that. Researcher George Pan Kouloukis has delved into the lives of 22 prominent people from over the last 500 years?veryone from Beethoven to Jimmy Carter?o prove his summation that there are patterns to both good and bad seasons in all people? lives, and then he teaches you how to identify your own. This new and innovative exploration into the existence of patterns puts you in the driver? seat when making critical decisions about your career, marriage, family, relationships, health, and all other life? issues. Better get started. The sooner you know, the sooner you can take charge!

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