Explore the underwater world of photography through this informative guide written in simple language, covering the technical, mechanical, and compositional factors that contribute to producing quality images. View 120 beautiful color photographs and 18 instructional images illustrating the successful use of the techniques described. Precise instructions are given for handling and maintaining an underwater camera, as well as how to choose from the many different types of equipment available. Learn about the historical pioneers in the fields of underwater exploration, photography, and oceanography. Included are descriptions of specific diving techniques that can result in improved photographic opportunities. Gain knowledge of animal behavior and ecology with an emphasis on safety and protection of the marine environment. This book is a must have for any scuba enthusiast, aspiring underwater photographer, or ocean lover.
Trent Burkholder is a freelance photographer and writer with a focus on culture and travel. He was introduced to scuba diving during trips to Asia. Since that time, underwater photography has become his driving passion, guiding him to remote areas in search of marine adventures.

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