In this new book, Spencer Coil examines various models of uniforms and equipment used by the multiethnic French armed forces in the First World War. A carefully chosen and researched selection of period photographs enables the reader to visualize a climactic era in history, as experienced by the poilus (French soldiers) serving in the trenches and on the battlefields. There are detailed chapters covering French machineguns, medical, artillery, motor corps, infantry, chasseur, armored car and tank units as well as the air service and the cavalry's hussars, dragoons and cuirassiers. Other chapters examine the French foreign legion, Zouaves, and Tirailleurs. A full color section shows heretofore unpublished photos of headdress, uniforms, equipment, and accoutrements used by the French armed forces in the First World War. This work is a must for all serious historians, collectors, wargamers, model builders, and re-enactors.

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