Santiago Pons Ferrer is an upholsterer with over 50 years of experience. He was trained in Barcelona? most prestigious workshops and later founded the current Taller de Tapicer? Artesanal Pons in the same city. He holds the title of Maestro Artesano de la Generalitat de Catalunya since 2007, recognizing his professional and teaching career, his mastery and excellence with respect to the craft of upholstery. He has taught upholstery classes for more than 15 years at the main restoration schools of Catalonia. Jordi Pons Cort is the son of Santiago and continues the upholstery workshop where he was trained. He has worked there for 30 years and today he heads the workshop. He combines traditional craft techniques with new and innovative methods, constantly searching for high-quality materials to perform both kinds of work. The workshop deals with both the restoration of upholstery for institutions, antique shops, and private individuals, as well as the creation of upholstery for interior outfitters and designers. Merc?Garcinu? is a specialist for wickerwork as it is applied to furniture and has more than 10 years of professional experience. She regularly collaborates with the Pons upholstery workshop, both for restoring antique furniture and the creation of contemporary pieces. Eva Pascual i Mir?is a licensed art historian from the University of Barcelona and specializes in museography and design (Universidad Polit?nica de Catalunya) and preventive conservation (Universidad Aut?oma de Catalunya). As part of her family tradition, she studied antiques, particularly Catalonian furniture and medieval furniture. Her professional trajectory has taken her to various museums and cultural institutions of Catalonia, where she has documented furniture collections and decorative art. She has also worked as a manager of collections and as an exhibition coordinator. She has written numerous articles about decorative arts and Catalonian medieval furniture and taught history classes, as well as classes about the documentation and criteria of furniture restoration. She is a member of the editorial staff of the Estudi del Moble magazine.

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