Michael L. Roberts enlistedat Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas, as an Airman Recruit (AR) in 1957. After boot camp he was assigned to Fleet Transport Squadron Seven-Zero-Two(VR-702), retiring in 1979 as a Chief Aviation Machinist? Mate (ADC) atAttack Squadron Three-Zero Four (VA-304) (Firebirds), Naval Air StationAlameda, California. His duty stations for twenty-two great years were Fleet Transport SquadronSeven-Zero-Two (VR-702); NAS Dallas, Texas; NAS Willow Grove,Pennsylvania; NAS Twin Cities, Minnesota; NARTU-NAS Alameda, California;Patrol Squadron Six-Zero (VP-60) Cobras at NAS Glenview, Illinois;Attack Squadron Three-Zero-Five (VA-305) Lobos at NAS Point Mugu,California; and Attack Squadron Three-Zero-Four (VA-304) Firebirds at NASAlameda, California. His naval aviation patch collecting spans the early 1960s to thepresent, numbering 6000+ patches. In civilian life he worked for WorldAirways, Jet America, and retired from McDonnell Douglas Flight Test. He has been active in city government, receiving four city awards, andresides with his wife, Judy, in Long Beach, California.

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