This book furnishes a quick and clear exposition of the statutory and regulatory responsibilities of those participating in the sale, processing, and transportation of cargo shipped from the United States. It analyzes in detail the duties imposed by the Shipping Act of 1984 on those engaged in U.S. oceanborne trade. Vessel operators can learn about their agreement filing obligations, the scope of their tariffs, what practices are prohibited, the statutory protection in place against abuses by foreign countries, and the numerous governing regulations with which they must comply. Shippers will be informed about their legal obligations for freight charges, carrier services due them, how to obtain a refund or form a shipper's association, and their responsibilities under a shippers' credit agreement. For marine terminal operators, the book spells out the extent of the Federal Maritime Commission's jurisdiction, tariff filing requirements, authorized charges, and their areas of liability. Nonvessel-operating common carriers by water can ascertain which provisions of the 1984 Act govern their conduct, and how they can comply with the bonding requirement and co-loading rules.

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