Covering in detail the combat and dress uniforms of the United States Marine in World War II, this new volume is destined to become the World War II Marine Corps collector's reference! Shown in detail are the herringbone utilities that Marines wore from Guadalcanal to Okinawa, as well as Summer Service, Winter Service and Dress (Blues) uniforms. A special chapter is dedicated to Marine Corps shoulder sleeve insignia, and "Strikers" that Marines wore from 1943-1947. Other chapters discuss foul weather gear, footwear, headwear, personal items, souvenirs and loot, and a special tribute to the Navy Chaplains who faithfully served Marines in combat. Also covered are the evolution and many patterns of Marine Corps camouflage (1942-1945). There are also dedicated chapters on the Marine Raiders and Marine Paratroop Battalions ?known as "Paramarines". This book is filled with an endless array of unpublished and seldom seen wartime photographs, as well as beautifully shot full-color clothing and equipment layouts.

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