Viktor Schreckengost (1906-2005) was a prolific industrial designer of diverse products, from ceramics to pedal cars, from 1930 until the end of the 20th century. He focused on dinnerware between 1930 and 1956, while he was employed by pottery manufacturers in Ohio. Some of his most successful dinnerware lines were Americana and Diana (1934), Manhattan (1935), Triumph and Jiffy Kitchenware (1937).This new book is a study of Schreckengost's designs for dinnerware shapes, produced primarily by the (American) Limoges China Company and by the Salem China Company. Many of his 24 major dinnerware shapes became standard icons of the age, decorated with over 180 different patterns, many among the most popular of the time and his famous Jazz Bowl, of 1931. Over 300 photographs, most in full color, demonstrate the bold contours and cheerful colors that made his dinnerware successful. Special commissions, commemorative plates, and even children's dishes are also discussed and shown.Today's dinnerware collectors, designers, and artists will find inspiration in this beautiful presentation of truly original and successful designs.
Jo Cunningham is an acknowledged authority and author of several other books on Homer Laughlin and American dinnerware. A researcher and pottery collector for over 30 years, she continues to study her field from Springfield, Missouri.

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