Vallona Starr Ceramics started in Los Angeles in the 1930s and later moved to El Monte, California where it manufactured ceramics until 1953. Known for their whimsical designs like the Winkies, the Up Family, and lower fairies, as well as Corn, Cosmos, Woodland, and Sweetheart designs, Vallona Starr pieces included salt and pepper shakers, sugar and creamers, vases, cookie jars, ornaments, and more. This new book is the first devoted to the creative work of Vallona Starr Ceramics. Its color photographs make it clear why collectors are so excited about Vallona Starr. The price guide will help those who are seeking to add to their collection make wise decisions.
Bernice Stamper is an avid collector of California pottery and of information about its history. She lives in southern California.

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