Beautiful glassware colored with uranium, popularly called Vaseline glass, was made primarily in Great Britain in the late 19the and early 20th centuries, but also in America and Europe. Collectors look for examples by a particular factory or type of product, such as paperweights or tablewares. This book is a mandatory reference for collectors, containing well-researched, up-to-date discussions, 35 comparative charts, and over 400 color photos in 49 chapters covering known makers, their marks, and specific design groups of houseware, tableware, and jewelry. The captions include full descriptions, date, size, and current values. The author's expertise is a gift of scholarship and passion carefully compiled here for a tool of incomparable value. This is a companion to the author's previous book from Schiffer Publishing, The Big Book of Vaseline Glass.
Barrie Skelcher had a professional career in chemistry and physics with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and the Central Electricity Generating Board at Sizewell Nuclear Power Station. For over 20 years he and his wife have collected and studied many hundreds of pieces of glass colored with uranium. Also an avid sailor, he lives near the coast of England.

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