Following the end of Prohibition on April 7, 1933, U.S. federal and state governments set specific requirements regarding the identification of beer being dispensed from taps in taverns. The tap, faucet, or other delivery system had to be clearly marked with the name of the beer being dispensed, leading to the development of a tap marker industry. Through the mid-1950s, a style of tap marker nicknamed the "ball" knob was widely used. Now highly collectible, more than 2000 colorful ball knobs are presented in this comprehensive and unique book. The knobs represent 1000 brands of beer manufactured by over 675 breweries and are classified by state in which the brewery was located. Because the laws also applied to imported beers, an additional section features many popular post-World War II beers that also used a "ball" style tap marker. Includes valuable information on the history of ball knobs, dates of use, grading, pricing, manufacturers, and a detailed index of breweries. A wonderful addition to every breweriana collector's library!
George Baley has been collecting beer memorabilia for more than thirty years and previously wrote Back Bar Beer Figurines for Schiffer Publishing. Now semi-retired, he serves as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry while owning an antique mall in his hometown of LaPorte, Indiana. He is also current president of the National Association of Breweriana Advertising as well as a member of several other breweriana collectors' clubs.

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