This definitive biography and catalog raisonne of Walter Launt Palmer discusses his personal and creative life in great detail. The personal history of this twentieth century painter has been derived from never before used primary sources. Information from Palmer's diaries, letters, and personal scrapbooks has been correlated with insight and enthusiasm to present a very human picture of the artist, who was a contemporary of John Singer Sargent and William Merrit Chase. A student of Frederick Church, and a friend of Teddy Roosevelt and Henry Flagler, Palmer has often been compared to Corot. Yet his style is uniquely his own. The text and catalog raisonne combine to cover the entire scope of Palmer's oeuvre-tracing his experiments with style from academicism to impressionism. Although Palmer was hailed as the "painter of the American winter", his other works were noteworthy as well.
Maybelle Mann writes for many art journals on nineteenth century American art, American Indian art, and American prints.Alvin Mann retired from business ten years ago when he found art more interesting. His experience as a businessman, however, came into play in the organization of the catalogue raisonne for this book.

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